Are you eating SpaghettiOs or gourmet meals?

As a solo entrepreneur, I’m quickly discovering that working on my clients’ marketing initiatives AND my own brand’s marketing efforts are mutually exclusive. When the choice comes down to whether client work gets done or my brand work, I always choose client work. They’re relying on me to meet a goal and, to be frank, client work pays the bills.

So, here I am as a marketing professional guiding clients to adopt best marketing and social media practices, yet I’m not following those best practices myself because I’m not dedicating the time and effort to it.

Can you sell me this pencil?

The end result is the key selling point in marketing copy, not the features. Keep the customer’s needs in mind when marketing to them because in the end, it’s all about them and the changes in their life…not you and your product’s features.

The magic of the marketing funnel

Marketing is part science, part art, and part magic.

It takes time for a brand message to lead to sales because customers have to continue to move forward through each stage of the marketing funnel. There are many variables involved in the funnel process such as product price point, proper consumer targeting, and more. However, below are the 5 common stages of the funnel and how to work through each as a brand.

I'm a mom who enjoys working (and that's OK)

I enjoy working. Guess what? That’s OK to say. That doesn’t make me any less grateful to be a mom. It’s OK to be mom and to be ME. It’s possible to love both and strive to be great at both.

There’s such a stigma that moms can’t say something like that or feel that way. There’s subconscious judgment surrounding moms who choose to work outside of the home. There’s also subconscious judgment surrounding moms who choose to be a stay-at-home mom. Let’s make a pact to just stop the subconscious judgement altogether and root each other on instead.

Whatever your passion is, don’t ignore it. Go after it and let your kids cheer you on along the way.

Tell a story with photos

If you’re looking for an article about ISO, aperture, or shutter speed, this isn’t it. I’ve always been overwhelmed by camera settings, so I choose to focus (pun intended) on how the photo tells the story instead both personally and professionally when capturing moments for clients. My husband even knows when I’m on the hunt for a good storytelling photo and often says, “You have a vision, don’t you?”

The goal here is to inspire you to consider your content when you take a photo so that the moment you capture brings back the experience clearly when it shows up on your Facebook memories 1 year, 5 years, 10 years later. These tips don’t just apply to fancy schmancy cameras. You can incorporate these tips with any camera…even your phone.

How social media is like parenting

When it comes to utilizing social media for marketing, I can’t help but compare it to parenting. Perhaps the comparison entered my mind because parenting is something that I think about 24/7. And, well, I think about social media marketing about 10-12/7, so they must have crossed paths somewhere to help me make the correlation.

There are thousands of articles out there that will tell you the very specifics of social media marketing. My goal here, though, is to remind you of the very general basics to keep in mind with your social media content.